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Customer Need

A by-product of the client's MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition) manufacturing process is chlorine gas. Custom Systems and Controls was asked to design, fabricate and install an automated system that removes these fumes from the exhaust hood air prior to discharge into the atmosphere. It was required to meet the following design specifications:

  • Monitor tank pH and apply caustic
  • Tank pH to be operator adjustable
  • Monitor Flow Rate
  • Interface with control systems of original manufacturing process
  • Occupy a standard NEMA-1 enclosure
  • Solution

    CSC designed and fabricated a semi-custom molded scrubber control systemHelp that meets the client's requirement. The system includes a venturi collector to separate the solids, a packed bed tower, and process controls.

    Some features of this project are:

  • pH Sensor
  • Flow Monitor
  • Flexible system paramenters
  • Alarm System
  • Semi-Custom Molded Scrubber
  • System Components

    New York Blower Exhaust Fan
    Allen Bradley Motor Starter
    Mitsubishi Operator Interface
    Mitsubishi PLC
    FTI Chemical Pump


    The client is able to sucessfully vent its manufacturing process exhaust air out into the atmosphere while meeting the town's quidelines. This unit has been in operation for over 12 years with no major repairs and is still producing clean air for the client.


    Manufacturing process exhaust air enters the venturi stack where a heavy water mist removes heavy particulate.  The air then travels through a mist eliminator on route to the packed bed tower. The packed bed tower repeats the cycle while adding a neutralizing chemical. The pH is measured and the air is discharged into the atmosphere. If the pH is out of range, the system will activate an alarm. The process controls allow setting of system parameters, monitoring of the pH and flow, activating pumps, and initiating alarms.
    enlarged scrubber left
    enlarged scrubber middle
    enlarged scrubber right