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Customer Need

A medical device company was experiencing a high failure rate of a button on the housing of one of their handheld electronic devices. Prior to assembling the product they wanted an application that would allow them to perform an acceptance quality limit (AQL) test on them to determine if the batch was acceptable.


CSC designed and fabricated an automated system designed to cycle test a the button. The system can detect the button in its released position then actuate it repeatedly while measuring its total travel distance. It also generates a force profile over the total travel distance. The system is capable of operating unattended over long periods of time (thousands of cycles) while testing up to 5 devices simultaneously.

System Components

  • Desktop PC
  • SMAC Voice Coil Linear & Rotary Actuator
  • SMAC LCC-10 Controller
  • Custom Parts Nest


The system successfully delivered to the customer on time and on budget. The implementation resulted in them being able to determine where in the production process the errors were occurring and assist them in correcting them to get the AQL within an acceptable range.