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Customer Need

Custom Systems and Controls was asked to build a Laser Marking System which could handle, mark, and OCR 200mm and 400mm wafers, suitable for a Class 100 lab.


CSC design and built a system utilizing a negatively pressurized work space, custom air isolated table, Brooks Wafer handling robot, Brooks PreAligner, Keyence XG vision system and Keyence telecentric laser marker. Working with up to two stacks of wafers, the system is able to perform many functions on the wafers in standard polypro boats.

Some features of this project are:

  • Alignment
  • Reordering
  • Laser Marking
  • Crosswafer detection
  • Missing Wafer detection
  • 2D marking
  • OCR verification of marked text
  • Vision inspection utilizing either front or backlight

System Components

  • MD-T1010W Telecentic Green Laser Marker
  • Intel i7 Fanless PC
  • Software for Controls


This system is able to either surface mark or completely remove coating from silicon or glass wafers. The accuracy and power stability of the MD-T laser has allowed the customer to mark their substrates without the fear of stress cracks and with a higher mark quality than their previous system. Additionally, the system has proven to have no impact on the existing clean space despite it being an ablation process.