Customer Need

The customer needed to profile the cutting edge of metal blades as well as verify a coating through multiple grinding and deposition operations. They also needed a way to keep track of the blade rolls as they moved through the manufacturing process.


CSC built four systems with the same enclosure but different instrumentation inside depending on the inspection needs of each piece of the process. Different configurations of Keyence 2MP monochrome cameras, LK laser displacement sensors and LJ-V 2D Laser Profilometers were used. The cameras were used to look for defects in the blade surface that may have been caused by mishandling during transport and storage. The LK displacement sensors were used in a pair, one above the blade, and one below to measure the thickness of the uncoated portion of the blade. The LJ-V inspects the profile of the cutting edge of the blade after the grinding and deposition operations. A custom software application was created to obtain, display and store the information in a database.

System Components

  • Keyence XG-7502P Controller
  • 2MP Monochrome Camera
  • Keyence LJ-V Laser Profilometer
  • Keyence LK Laser Displacement Sensor
  • Fanless PC


The system was successfully delivered and installed to the client and is still in operation. The application is and database has helped so much that CSC has done additional modifications to the database to further enhance their capabilities.