Customer Need

Coming out of their research and development phase and going into initial production, the client needed to increase throughput and decrease sanitizing frequency of their blood filter wash station.

Custom Systems and Controls was asked to design and fabricate an automated system to effectively meet the client's needs with the following design specifications:

  • Increase time between sanitizating of station
  • Increase throughput
  • Limited budget
  • Tie into production database


CSC designed and fabricated the hardware, controls and software for a system that increased throughput 10 times and allowed the station to stay in production 7 times longer before sanitizing:

  • 50 flow meters
  • Custom controls
  • Software for controls

System Components

Flow meter
Wago PLC
Custom Wash Station
DI Water Delivery System


The client was able to increase the throughput 10 times and increase the time between sanitizating the wash station from every 3 - 4 days to over 2 weeks. This allowed them to prove that their product was viable for mass production.