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Customer Need

The customer needed to perform testing and calibration of chips after packaging. At the time, standard commercial equipment was not available that satisfied their testing criteria. The client had put together a research system but was not going to be able to meet the anticipated demand.

Custom Systems and Controls was asked to design and build an automated system to effectively perform the required tests, calibrations and packaging at throughput in excess of 600 pph with the following criteria:

  • Part dimension – 3mm x 3mm x 0.5mm
  • .05 mm socket tolerance for chip placement
  • Test device needed to be very stable and vibration free
  • Platform and enclosure include proper safety features
  • Multiple tests performed on the same chip
  • Chip dimension may vary; tester needed to accommodate change out easily
  • Limited budget
  • Limited time


CSC designed and built a system on our ROBOKIT platform that allowed 2 and 3 module systems to be manufactured.  Each system had the capability of exceeding the throughput required by the client from testing to packaging.

Some key features of this project are:

  • Robot for product placement
  • Custom head and end effectors
  • Conveyor for part handling of JEDEC trays
  • Vision system for part orientation
  • Software for controls
  • Custom software for HMI
  • Data acquisition
  • Full enclosure with all emergency and safety features
  • Integration with a MySQL production database
  • Tester is able to process parts from tray to reel

System Components

Epson G6 SCARA Robot
Industrial Rack Mount Computer
Custom conveyor with JEDEC stacker and destacker
NSK Megatorque Servo Motor
Fire Wire Cameras
Festo Pneumatics
Agilent Power Supplies
National Instruments' Digital and Analog I/O Cards
SMC Flow Controls


Due to increase in demand the customer requested that CSC build additional systems to meet this increase.  Overall, CSC designed and manufactured over 18 systems that consisted of more than 40 modules. Utilizing CSC's network of fabricators, we were able to deliver 6 units utilizing 12 robots in 10 weeks.