Custom Systems and Controls - Engineering Services

Our complete range of engineering services will help you design and fabricate your project on every level. Whether it is a custom printed circuit board or a pick and place robot, we can provide the solution that is right for you.

CSC can accommodate any of your project needs by offering our engineering services on a project or time & material (T&M) basis.



Our engineers use the latest software tools (3D model generation) to design and develop all of our projects. All project files can be converted to file formats to match your system requirements.

Samplings of our mechanical designs and fabrications have included: part handling, welding, pick and place, linear actuators, pneumatic controls and custom machining.



Our knowledge and expertise of electrical products and components allows our engineers to successfully complete the most complex schematic or printed circuit board designs and fabrications. We also offer system and device fabrication as well as panel design.